Sleepwall - Come in from the Cold [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Come in from the Cold [7 inch] (2008)

Toxic Pop

Sleepwall's members all used to play in bands from the tri-state area that are rather diverse in nature (Robot Whales, Sick of Talk, and on this particular recording, the Agent), so it's surprising they still manage to sound nothing like any of them. Instead, this quintet (three guitarists!) produce `90s post-hardcore that's occasionally aggressive (the superb "Sleepwalking") and otherwise awkwardly cheery and fun (the equally excellent title track), managing to somehow find a place somewhere between Swiz and Sugar.

Come in from the Cold is only three songs, but the band find time to sound strikingly unique as well as be versatile. As aforementioned, the leadoff title track is simply fun; it's introduced by a fluttering, ear-catching riff that then leads us into an upbeat, swaggering and catchy jaunt. Then on the B-side they become a little more combative; that "Sleepwalking" track finds frontman Kevin Faulkner repeatedly snarling "and if you've got dreams / don't let them take 'em away" and then giving way to a bouncy riff. Closer "The World Is Too Dark" is a little cloudier, too.

With a companion three-song demo to go along with it (when you buy it directly from them), a new seven-song LP already in the can and two more songs planning on being recorded with a dude from Sebadoh, Sleepwall isn't slowing down anytime soon. And good thing -- if the band can progress fast enough, who knows what's next.

Come in from the Cold