Incendiary - Amongst the Filth [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Amongst the Filth [7 inch] (2008)

Eternal Hope

Incendiary's Amongst the Filth 7" may be brief, but it's a great reminder that kids still dig on heavy `90s hardcore. The Long Island five-piece produce a three-song slice of earth-shaking hardcore that's garnered plenty of fairly agreeable comparisons to Strife and Trial, but with a higher-register yelling vocalist in Brendan Garone that's made me think of an old and more mosh-laden Snapcase ever since I saw them play their first show.

While their demo was promising, Amongst the Filth bears a much cleaner and pristine recording, yet doesn't rob them of the intensity and dynamics they've got a good handle on. Even though Garone tends to explicitly say it at points, this is a sound fueled heartily by outrage and frustration (just read the lyrics to any of the songs), and it always tends to seem pretty genuine.

Notably, Incendiary include a guitarist from Soldiers (Brian Audley), but the band truly stand on their own merits. Amongst the Filth preaches nothing but quality over quantity and promises a really devastating full-length should come at one point or another.

Angels with Filthy Souls