Top 10 of 2001 - Coldjulys picks (Cover Artwork)

Top 10 of 2001

Coldjulys picks (2001)


Yeah, Yeah, one last thing Im gonna post before I sell my beloved computer my own top 10 of 2001 goes:

1. Strike anywhere-Change is a sound
This came out of nowhere...and completely buried whatever else was out there at the time.

2. Pulley-together again for the first time
What can I say?? I love every album this band has released.

3. Bouncing souls-How I spent my summer vacation
After hopeless romantic I thought this band had went down the drain..not the case the most bad ass album to date.

4. Drowningman-Still loves you
Ummm great sarcastic hardcore with some long annoying song titles...I'll let that go because this band destroys.

5. Satanic Surfers-Fragments and Fractions
different but in a very good way. Their best album ever...I hope they keep this up.

6. Horace Pinker-Copper Regret
This album was released in 2000 but I didnt get it until this year..great melodic pop punk everyone should check out this horribly underrated band.

7. Buried alive- Last Rites
last recording by the now defunct buffalo sXe hardcore band good fuckin shit.

8. American Nightmare- background Music
First thing I had ever heard from this band..and it sure impressed the hell out of me.

9. Zero Down-WIth a lifetime to pay
No One seems to like this album I think Jim has done good for himself. Fast melodic typical so cal punk. very good.

10. Shelter-the purpose the passion
Ray Cappo and company are back..more melodic and fast than old Shelter and not the huge krishna vibe got old after a while.

There it is some may agree many will not. 2001 was a mediocre year for a lot of bands Ive liked for years. I hope '02 is a little better.