Lightyear - Call of the Weasel Clan (Cover Artwork)


Call of the Weasel Clan (2001)

Household Name

For most of you Lightyear conjures up a picture of a toy flying round a kid's bedroom called Buzz, but the lads from Derby in England are anything but a toy called Buzz. Their debut album "Call of the Weasel Clan" is Lightyear's attempt of merging Punk, Ska, Hardcore and Pop. The Result is an energetic album, which is full of energy from start to end. The Highlights of the album are "24 04", "Blindside", "Bomb Ibiza" and "Pack of Dogs".

The 7 piece is made up of the following: Chas – vocals, Nelb – guitar, Neil - trumpet & vocals, Barrs – bass, Jim – drums, Ben – saxophone, Mark - trumpet

Unfortunately the album is unable to express how amazing this band is live. I had the pleasure of seeing them live and their antics on stage are entertainment enough without the music even being taken into account. It's because of Lightyear's endless touring in the UK, that they have gained a big underground following. They have also had the pleasure of touring with Goldfinger, Capdown, Save Ferris, Less Than Jake, Nerf Herder, The Peacocks and Link 80. With this taken to account "Call of the Weasel Clan" still emerges as a great album.

I recommend this album and if you are ever in the UK you should go and experience them live.

"pure ska like Sick of it All play hardcore, and it's as authentic as the Bosstones, as English as the Specials, and as entertaining as Less than Jake" - KERRANG!