Ignite / Remain Oppossed - live in Melbourne (Cover Artwork)

Ignite / Remain Oppossed

live in Melbourne (2008)

live show

Ignite returned to Melbourne in July to play a sold out show at The Arthouse with some local supports Fuck It I Quit and Remain Opposed.

Remain Opposed were the first band I caught and played some good melodic hardcore punk in the style of Strung Out / Ignite, which was fairly enjoyable. The crowd was fairly packed in when they took the stage and seemed to be enjoying the set. The only downside was that about three-quarters through their set I was hoping they'd wind it up; I think this had to do more with the fact that it was heading towards midnight and I was anticipating the show that Ignite was going to put on. Check out their MySpace for a few tracks off their ...In the Shadows We Dance EP.

Ignite took the stage and went straight into "Who Sold Out Now?" and then "Bleeding," and the crowd lit up and some shoes started flying. The sound in this smallish venue was spot on.

Singer Zoli Teglas treated the crowd to a few interesting rants, giving insights into what the lyrics mean of certain songs, what they had been up to in the country, the Sea Shepard organisation and, if I recall properly, something about guys in girls jeans -- it all added to the performance and was quite entertaining.

For you hardcore Ignite fans out there, they only played one song pre-A Place Called Home; I'm not too familiar with that material and judging by the reaction of the crowd I wasn't alone.

The Arthouse doesn't have a huge stage so the band wasn't jumping around like maniacs, but they played extremely well and the only complaint I'd have is that during some songs the vocals and backing vocals are a bit of a letdown compared to the records (which are bit overproduced in my opinion).

To change things up a bit the band also threw in an acoustic version of "Slowdown," followed by "Live for Better Days." These sounded excellent and it'd be great if they could try it with a few more songs. Zoli did give the crowd a tease about how some may view acoustic music as weak and not suitable at a hardcore show but that they'd slow it down anyway.

I commend the band for not doing the fake last-song encore; I can't remember the last time I went to show and the band said "last song!", finished, thanked the crowd and headed off -- it was refreshing to see. I also tip my hat to them for having low ticket prices, about half of what most international acts usually charge. All in all, a solid performance; come back anytime, Ignite.

Set list:

  1. Who Sold Out Now?
  2. Bleeding
  3. Fear Is Our Tradition
  4. A Place Called Home
  5. Burned Up
  6. Embrace
  7. My Judgement Day
  8. 20 Eyes (Misfits cover)
  9. Know Your History
  10. By My Side
  11. Poverty for All
  12. Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 cover)
  13. Slowdown (acoustic)
  14. Live for Better Days
  15. Are You Listening
  16. Veteran