Nasty On - City Sick (Cover Artwork)

Nasty On

City Sick (2002)


Back in 2002, Nasty On were a minor buzz band in Canada. In their all-too-brief existence the band managed to collect an impressive amount of press full of extremely positive reviews of both their live shows and recordings. Unfortunately, they were never able to build on their small fanbase and grab the attention of a bigger audience. Slowly and quietly they permanently dropped off the radar sometime in 2004. One of the rare documents of their fruitful existence is this flawless collection of loud, finely crafted and poetic hard rock 'n' roll songs.

Lyrically, City Sick plays out as the first-person confessions of a lonely, broken-hearted man dragging himself angry and depressed through big-city life. Singer Jason Grimmer lashes out with such a convincingly snide delivery that these words of distain and frustration couldn't be interpreted as anything less than genuine.

The band itself travels down these same dark streets and avenues with Grimmer banging a heavy, rythmic strut. There is an unwavering confidence within the music's indignation.

Taking cues from the Stooges and the MC5, Nasty On brilliantly manage to ride this solid rhythm while simultaneously challenging their audience with a difficult and abrasive sound. You won't just hear the claustrophobic frustration -- you will feel it.

There's some kind of an emotional excercism going on here and the Nasty On is trying to shout, spit and shake all their angry demons out. Nasty On's existence may be nothing more than a fading memory now, but they managed to create a masterpiece of a record just waiting to be rediscouvered. Don't let City Sick be forgotten.

You can hear the whole album, along with the Lester Bangs EP, out of sequence here.