Sakes Alive!! - Act I [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Sakes Alive!!

Act I [7 inch] (2008)


Sakes Alive!! followed the release of their incredibly promising three-song 'Presents' demo by planning on recording a whole full-length release. For better or worse, plans changed, and they've decided to take it one session at a time through the release of EPs and splits and what-have-yous.

The first of these have arrived in the form of the appropriately titled Act I 7", courtesy of Barrett Records. If this is any indication of the following songs to come, one can argue that Sakes Alive!! have largely reared back on their earnest basement sing-along traits and unique melody, and that's slightly disappointing; however, their experimentation and willing progression results in greater heapings of epic atmospheres and general intensity, especially with frontman Chris Vandeviver's harrowingly harsh, gravelly howl so demonic now that it invokes a black metal vibe.

Again, it's hard to be completely disheartened by the lack of moments that grab a listener and spur fevered screams back to them when those haunting guitar tones splash "Relax" with a brooding and oddly melancholic cool, or when the punchy serrated chords burst and twinkle heavily in opener "I'm Religious," which operates tempo changes on an accomplished dime.

It's clear Sakes Alive!! are already moving well past those comparisons to Glass and Ashes and Challenger, creating a creatively aggressive sound that will take fans some adjustments and otherwise pull in innocent bystanders to their intense rush of blistering and calloused punk rock.

Act I