Rancid - Rancid (1993) (Cover Artwork)


Rancid (1993) (1993)


This was my first Rancid record. But after listening to it I though it was a piece of shit.

So I gave it away. A few months passed by and I was checking out a used cd section at a local music store where I stumbled apon "Life Wont Wait". It seemed like an interesting album so I picked it up but it in the old cd player and fell in love. It was a masterpiece. It is still after some years one of my more favortier rancid records though i love them all.

But Anyway I ended up getting all the Rancid records except for there very first one. There was just somthing holding me back from buying it and I dont know why. I was expecting somthing of a different album than I thought it was to be when I first got it awhile ago. So I went into the store and got it with much tribulation. It took me forever to decide whether or not to buy the damn thing. Well I got it. And i have no fuckin clue why my mind keep telling me to stay way from the damn disc!

The more i think about it this is my favorite Rancid albums. Its old school. It reminds me of "let's go" and "s/t 2000" mixed togather. They are just as pissed off but not as hardcore. In some places such as the song 'unwritten rules' the guitars are kind Op ivy ish witch is no suprise if you know anything about op ivy and rancid and the time the recored came out.

From the opening scream in 'Adina' to the ending chants of 'Get out of my way', this album embodys a punk masterpiece. Matt Freeman is the best bass player in punk music, Time Armstrong is probly one of the better song writters of this time and Brett Reed keeps a solid beat throught the hole album. The only thing different in this album ( line up wise) is that there is no Lars Fredricksen , which I don't mind. I don't mind at all.