All Time Low - So Wrong, It's Right (Cover Artwork)
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All Time Low

So Wrong, It's Right (2007)


In the last All Time Low review, a user by the name of blacky646 commented under the negatively-scored panning by Anchors, saying (edited for your viewing pleasure): "I think it's time you guys let younger people review pop-punk. Leave youth music alone." So here I am, the "younger people" and it's only gonna get worse, blacky.

So my good ol' hometown heroes have cooked up another uninspired disc devoid of any authenticity with It's So Wrong, It's Right, and frankly, won't get more than a "well, it's catchy" from me.

But to the point: This band is made for teenage girls. I mean, check the totally sweet lead-off track, "This Is How We Do," with its cute gang vocals and edgy-as-fuck lyrics like, "Boys, raise your glasses / Girls, shake those..." Was he going to say "asses"? Wow... these guys ROOL! I'm going to post those on my MySpace right now, matter of fact.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Oh, no, sir! After countless tracks of the same song, we get to the band's second single, "Dear Maria," with more "cute" girl/alcohol references. Around this time of listening, All Time Low successfully removed all the remaining endearing qualities of the genre. Is this really what pop-punk is like now? ‘Cause if it is, you can count me out; I'd rather listen to Tom Delonge sing me a cappella renditions of Good Charlotte songs.

Being from Maryland and a sexy teenager, I constantly had this band shoved down my throat. But now this is my liberation. So to all you Marylanders: I do not like this band.

I feel so much better now.