Jacket Weather / Highwire Act / I Hear Sirens - Split (Cover Artwork)

Jacket Weather / Highwire Act / I Hear Sirens

Split (2008)


This three-way split starts off in the best possible way: a throw-back sound of `90s indie á la Promise Ring or the Get Up Kids provided by Utah's Jacket Weather. And I mean this in the best possible way, not in a "oh cool, I used to listen to this stuff, fun to hear again" way, but in a "hell yes, I love this" way. Jacket Weather could quite possibly go a long way with some touring...and shorter songs (all three here break the five-plus minute mark).

Next is the two-piece Highwire Act. After getting so into Jacket Weather's songs, this batch was sort of a let-down. Loops, drums, loops over loops, occasional Hum-esque vocals...not bad by any means, just not too original.

I Hear Sirens finish the split with three Unwed Sailor-inspired instrumentals. The whole "post-rock" genre has been washed out lately with band after band trying the formula that made Explosions in the Sky work, with it usually coming off contrived and boring. I Hear Sirens actually have some good songwriting and, although not too different from their peers, are far better than most trying to make the same product.