Kosher - Self Control (Cover Artwork)


Self Control (2001)


Surfing the BYO site last month, I ran across Kosher, a recent addition to the label. Curious, I read the mini-info of what BYO had to say about the band: "the band has been cultivating their own sound since 1995, and has been compared to The Replacements, Black Flag and Dillinger Four."

I don't want to believe I'm gullible. However, every time I read PR that compares a band to Dillinger Four, I buy their album ignoring hesitation: my world needs another Midwestern Songs of the Americas. With hope, I bought Kosher's debut BYO release the week it was released.

Praying for rock, I put the disc in my player. The first song, Holiday, was an assault on my senses: the guitar intro echoed in my ears, my feet began moving in different directions, and I could see myself at the front of an onslaught of kids jumping and pumping my fist to the words, "and the world keeps on spinning, whoaaa".

This is a good album. My favorite songs on the album are Holiday, Take No Prisoners, and Goodbye (I've been rocking to this song for a month!). The album is aggressive and abrasive, stimulating with pop sensibilities.

The only criticism I have for the album is the production is not uniform; you can recognize some songs were recorded earlier or later in different studios. It's not fun having to play games by adjusting volume. Other than this, no complaints; solid release.

You need to buy this if you like D4 or The Thumbs.