Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fire Works (Cover Artwork)

Hey Mercedes

Everynight Fire Works (2001)


Well as I was scrolling through the top ten list for 2001 this year I noticed this band coming up a lot. I decided to buy their cd without really checking them out first and when I put the cd in I was more confused than I ever been before with music. . .

As I pulled out of the parking lot the music came on and started off with some great guitar riffs. Wow this is cool but I wonder what its gonna sound like further into this song. I came to a red light and when the vocals started to kick in the music changed. Wow that sounds so unorganized. It sounds like ten guitars are being played at once, but something kept me from pressing that button to change songs. I decided to get a bite to eat so I pulled into the parking lot of Wendys with gallons of music being poured out of the speakers. When I say gallons I mean almost more music than the average man can listen to at once. Almost like two bands playing at the same time. I parked and then opened the booklet of the cd to see what the lyircs were. I read along as track four "The Slightest Idea" played along, and the lyrics alone were just so beatiful and well thought. I put away the booklet and turned off my humming engine. As I was walking to the door it was then I realized I should review this cd. I was thinking at that time of things to say suck as: "Well this won't appeal to everyone because it has such a different sound." "Listen before you buy this." Or even, "I wonder why everyone thinks this cd is so good because it sounds so horrible."

Anyway as I was finally driving home I listened to the rest of this cd, and when the last song, "Lets Go Blue" came to an end I was home (perfect timing).

As I was saying before I have never been this confused with music. Even as I type this review listening to this band, I still wonder why one hour ago I thought it was bad. I kind of feel like writting a letter to the band saying I'm sorry for judging your cd before I really took a good listen. The music is so original and refreshing to listen to and keeps you wanting more. And you better believe there will be more. . .