Snuggle - Tag You're It [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Tag You're It [7 inch] (2005)

The Party's Over

Self-released, screenprinted, catchy, dark and punk fucking rock. Snuggle's 2005 7", Tag You're It starts out with "Dude Where's My Guitar" and the first thought that comes to mind is "The Broadways." Lyrics like "There's a picture of me smiling / I wish I had it now / I'd make that face again / Like when we were friends / let's do it again" don't feel as heartbreaking as they sound when they're shouted over some discordant guitars and breakneck drumming. This song alone would make the release a must-buy, but the second track, "Monsoon" hammers home the point perfectly by showing that these Seattle dwellers can get into that punk rock groove with a simple guitar and drum line that are so comfortable, yet always can move you to foot tapping. "Monsoon" is poppy and its refrain rings in your head hours after first hearing it.

The second side starts in a darker vein with the more guttural "Lucky Me" and its all-too-familiar tale of heartbreak. "The Less We Believe" is a screamy affair, full of heart and push. It's almost too much at first, but ends the 7" in a fitting way, screaming the phrase "blame it all on lack of motivation."

The band is due to release their LP this year, although some loss of data may be pushing back the date. Given the quality of these four songs I hope to see more from them soon.