Something's Wrong - Something's Wrong [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Something's Wrong

Something's Wrong [7 inch] (2007)


A band that breaks up this early rarely leaves behind much documentation of their existence. So far I think that I am officially "bummed" that Something's Wrong called it a day. Their split with the also-defunct Shorebirds was a fun time and I was looking forward to hearing more. Oh well.

This release features dueling female and male-fronted punk rock in the vein of their split-mates Shorebirds and countless other bands doing the vaguely throwback thing lately that harkens to the days of East Bay punk rock dominating whatever "scene" you think of. It's a quick release, with two tracks on Side A and one on Side B. "Ghost Bike" feels like it could have easily been their shout-along track, complete with Hot Water Music whoa-ohs á la "Wayfarer" and some easily intuitive shouts along the way. Sad subject matter and sad lyrics often bring out the best bands and that's true here. "Mama Said" is a super positive track about leaving what you don't need behind you even when it's tough. Shouted female vocals dominate, bringing Side A to a close. Side B's track, "Spring Again" continues the positive trend, with a shade of regret underneath. It's all wrapped up in galloping guitars and a general feeling of photocopied zines and cutoff jean shorts in the summertime.

It's a super-solid release from what was a promising band. Back to the hills of Asheville, North Carolina they retreat, hopefully emerging with new acts soon.