Young Widows - Old Wounds (Cover Artwork)

Young Widows

Old Wounds (2008)

Temporary Residence

Young Widows released a solid album in 2006 titled Settle Down City. Drawing on the influences of Jesus Lizard and Black Flag among others, they released an album that was respectable in all sense of the word. They put out an album that people definitely liked.

But now they've put out a record that people will fucking love. This shit is loud. This shit is heavy. This shit is great. Expanding their sound, Young Widows have created a near-masterpiece. Driving basslines set the tone and shrieking guitar and pounding drums deliver the noise. These fuckers know what they're doing. They want to make you eat shit and like it. They want you to get punched in the face and ask for another one. And they've accomplished it.

With Kurt Ballou's production mixing in live and studio recordings it sounds immediate. It sounds like David Yow and the Lizards recording their own version of In on the Kill Taker. Numbing is the right word for this record. It numbs your soul. You can come into this with no regrets and come out wondering what the fuck happened.

The guys in Young Widows understand that what happens happens and you've got to learn to deal. Dealing can be a pain but when you've got to do it, you've got to do it. Listen to this album and deal. Deal with what happens and what doesn't. Deal with the shit that you haven't even eaten yet. But just listen and enjoy. This album is the lunch you've only eaten once but want another bite of.