Saves the Day/Hey Mercedes/Thursday - live in Hollywood (Cover Artwork)

Saves the Day / Hey Mercedes / Thursday

live in Hollywood (2001)

live show

"Son, remove your spiked belt, we don't want anyone getting hurt inside," remarked the security guard.

"But this is a punk show," I responded with a stern look.

"No, no, EMO boy, now remove that leather."

After hiding my belt under some staircase in a remote apartment building, I ran into the Palace where my friend was waiting. After checking out the merch tables and some jock's pleasing lady, we headed to the floor to await Thursday's arrival. And so they entered in front of a sold out crowd. Ok, yeah, they're amazing. If you think they sound incredible on cd, just wait till you hear them live. A pit opened up, but was only home to 7 robust young men. Everything blended well on stage- the screaming, singing, intensity, and fun; it was all there.

Time to pee.........This was a great experience. After I finished releasing some trifling fluid, I washed my hands. But as I looked around the counter, hair gel, cologne, shaving cream, combs, and other excessories were scattered about. I was soon handed, yes handed, a towel, by a nice fellow executing his "job" perfectly. I remarked again "I thought this was a punk show."

"No bathroom," he responded "bathroom."

Next up....Hey Mercedes. And HEY!...they suck live. Sorry, but all the hype around their live show and new record is undeserved. Their songs are slow and drainy and they just looked and sounded tired. But HEY, good luck next time Mr. Mercedes.

Now the intensity was building. After hearing that lullaby band, the entire throng of people eagerly urned for Saves the Day. A "S-T-D" chant started. I, for one, had never been to a Saves the Day show. I thought they all fancied some sextually transmitted disease- maybe Syphilis or something. Was this a benefit show? Nooo, it was Saves the DAy, ooooo, yes yes yes, I think I hear something.

And so the Terminator theme music sounded and the lights dimmed. Saves the Day soon entered and quickly started playing. The first portion of their songs consisted of stuff mostly off Stay What You Are and Through Being Cool. The response was incredible. Three pits filled the floor with sweaty boys, men, and even some perspired young ladies. Suddenly, all members execpt Chris Conley, the singer, left the stage. With acoustic guitar in hand, he belted out 4 songs off their I'm Sorry I'm Leaving EP. The band soon rejoined him, and played stuff of all their albums this time. Wow, the crowd really loved these guys. They pulled an encore excursion and played Holly Hox Forget Me Nots. This was acceptable as it's my favorite song by them.

So then we left.....and entered a valley of lukewarm emotions. Yes, I got my belt and soon returned with my friend to the venue to await the arrival of his mother. Ahh this bring a tear to my eye....All the members of Saves the Day came out of the Palace. Three of the members of Saves the Day, I will not mention names, left in Yes a limo. I was truly shocked. The drive home with Jeff and his conservative mom didn't help either.

Saves the Day aren't kids playing punk rock anymore, they're rock stars playing punk rock.