Cave In - Jupiter (Cover Artwork)

Cave In

Jupiter (2000)

Hydra Head

Cave In blows my mind. From their humble hardcore beginnings, they've been one of the most experimental and talented bands out there. The members of this band are some of the most talented people out there, with what seems to be a dozen side projects combined from all the members of this band. This album runs out like an epic.

Starting off with the title track, an amazing song that has a guitar riff that sounds like it came from India. They slow it down on the next track, "In The Stream Of Commerce," which also sounds almost Indian influenced. "Big Riff," goes back to their hardcore roots, and is my favorite track on the cd. I've listened to this song so many times, and I can never get sick of it. The next three tracks ride out like a trippy tribute to space. These are probably the most original songs I've heard out of a, "punk," (if you can even classify these guys) in years. "Decay of the Delay," is a high energy instrumental, and the album closes out with an acoustic ballad called, "New Moon."

The lyrics on this cd are quite amazing, and same with the extreme talent this band has to offer. Look for anything this band puts out in the future, because they are one of the best bands out there. Listen to this album so many times that your ears bleed.