Burbis - Curse of the Golden Dracula (Cover Artwork)


Curse of the Golden Dracula (2008)


Another post-rock band? Has it been five minutes already? Just kidding... Burbis isn't really post-rock, if we can even throw that term around anymore. At least they're not what I think of when I think of that genre.

Burbis does a lot more with the 'instrumental' tag than most bands have recently. A Casio-sounding keyboard is heavy on certain tracks, giving them a different feel than if just left up to delay-drenched guitar notes.

None of Curse Of The Golden Dracula isn't new or innovative, but it's kind of comfortable that way. It's laid back just enough to put it on and fade out but also has enough going on to keep your attention.

The closest thing I can compare this to is Tristeza or (old) Maserati. Definitely worth a listen.