Norris - Bonecrusher (Cover Artwork)


Bonecrusher (2008)


For all the hardcore fans in the audience I bring to you Norris -- hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario, this band is worth a listen.

Appealing to those who love bands such as Cursed, Terror, Botch, Black Dahlia Murder and the End, the band's latest EP, titled Bone Crusher, will make you shit your pants.

Infused with tons of driving double-kick, random guitar solos and sporadic tempo changes, the guys stay tight and spit out delicious melodics through their guitars the entire disc through.

What sets them apart from other bands of this style is the vocals. The low inaudible growl's lack of singing might be enough to make some cringe, but the unique tone and style immediately grows on you, becoming music to your ears....literally.