Fenix TX - Fenix TX (Cover Artwork)

Fenix TX

Fenix TX (1999)


Fenix TX, one of the recent pop-punk bands to make it big, released this CD a few years back, and unfortunately, it took me these few years to actually get it. And I'm starting to wish I'd gotten it much sooner, because it's amazing.

It's pretty much what I expected, though. After I heard their awesome first single, "All My Fault," I knew this was my kind of band. It's a fast-paced, catchy, upbeat pop-punk song that I loved for weeks when I heard it on the radio.

They have lots of other great punk songs on this CD. "Minimum Wage," "Surf Song," "G.B.O.H.," "Jolly Green Dumbass," "Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste," "Ben," "Philosophy," and "Jean Claude Trans Am" all sound great. Lots of people say they're just the next blink-182, but no way, these songs are pure punk. Though they do have other songs that are more on the pop side. Along with "All My Fault," there's "Flight 601 (All I've Got is Time)", "Rooster Song," "Speechless," and "No Lie."

I also think this CD to be better then Fenix TX's sophmore album, "Lechuza," which has heavier guitars, and sometimes catchier choruses, but it's not as upbeat, fast, or punk rock-sounding as this.

So, if your fave bands are New Found Glory, or Sum 41, then this is definitely a CD for you. But if you strictly only like bands like Rancid and NOFX, then I suggest you stay away.