Pailhead - Trait (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick


Trait (1988)

Wax Trax/TVT

To me, the fusion of Industrial and Punk/Hardcore is as natural as French Fries and Ranch dressing. At first, it may seem odd, but only because its out of the ordinary. But once you dive in, the tastes seem to compliment one another.

Pailhead is (was) a side project of sXe god Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi fame, and the masters of Industrial genius, Ministry's own Paul Barker and Al Jourgensen.

The short EP, comprised of 6 songs, brings the hypnotic trance of Ministry's classic beat structure with MacKaye's uncontestable lyrical marvel. Mackaye's voice is reminiscent of earlier Fugazi, words yelled in fury with a touch of harmony and melodic accompany.

Barker and Jourgensen bring to the table exactly what you'd expect, fast paced, uptempo drums, with scorching guitar riffs. A few samples are added for the extra Industrial touch. Personally, I think much of the sampling could have been left out, but all in the all, the sound equals incredible cohesion.

Its kind of hard to put the style into words but I assure you, this little known gem is one to own.