Dynamite 8 - The Medicine (Cover Artwork)

Dynamite 8

The Medicine (2007)


This is an awful, boring, and grating record that tries to be both punk and "accessible" to a mainstream audience and fails at both. All I could think of the whole time I listened to this was that it sounded like the band that some "rocker" girl on "American Idol" would start after she duped her 13-year-old girl fanbase into thinking this music was good.

There are a few points of catchy-as-hell guitar riffs, especially the closing riff on the title track, but it's all lost in generic songwriting, boring arrangements and the most imperious vocals I've ever had to listen to. I've listened to this CD several times on several seperate occasions thinking maybe it would grow on me, but instead it actually gets worse.

I can't make judgement calls based on a sound, but it honestly feels like this band is merely trying to capatalize on their "ex-members of" credits (that include Fabulous Disaster and the Angry Amputees).