It Dies Today - The Caitiff Choir (Cover Artwork)

It Dies Today

The Caitiff Choir (2004)


It Dies Today is easily one of the largest metalcore bands to date. They've not only released an album that has recieved outstanding reviews from the press, but they also earned a spot on Ozzfest in 2005. Their fanbase has also grown throughout the years, with it obviously being at its peak now. Too bad solid reviews from the press and a large fanbase don't mean you can make a good release these days.

The band's first album does have a few high points -- but it's all too hit or miss. "A Threnody for Modern Romance" is easily the standout track and it's filled with some clean vocals that reminded me of earlier Thrice. "Severed Ties Lead to Severed Heads" has an interesting layered scream followed by a rather catchy chorus. "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident" is also saved by the vocal performance by Nicholas Brooks. In fact, the best thing from The Caitiff Choir is easily Brooks vocals -- he completely nails the singing and his shouting isn't as bad as it could be.

But when it comes to every other aspect, It Dies Today just can't keep up. The guitars on this album are extremly bad. The tone is off and there is nothing there when it comes to the rhythm guitar. The bass is barely there, a problem too many metalcore bands follow these days, and I can't say one thing about the drums except that they're a textbook definition of generic. Tracks like "My Promise" and "The Depravity Waltz" perfectly sum up It Dies Today -- horribly overrated.

While The Caitiff Choir had its rare moments, at this time It Dies Today lacked the strong songwriting skills required to create a thoroughly enjoyable CD. It doesn't help that the recording and production of the album is horrible for the budget it obviously got.