Bayside - Long Stories Short (Cover Artwork)


Long Stories Short (2001)

Dying Wish


I had heard alot of things about this band from Long Island. They had played here in West Palm Beach a bunch of times and there was quit the buzz going around about them at school everytime they'd come to town but I never got around to seeing them. I have also been a fan of many of the great bands that Long Island has been pumping out these days so the buzz and the background caused me to check out some of thier MP3s to see what the hype going around was about and I was so pleased with them I decided to the buy the CD. Unbelievable song writting. At first listen, the untrained ear may your simple, catchy, generic pop punk record. This is completley not true though. As a guitarist/songwriter myself, one of the first things that caught my attention were the extreme amounts of changes in the first song. Towards the end of the song I realized that only one part in the song had repeated, yet the song was one of the catchiest I've heard in a long time. Song after song of well composed songs, guitar sounds nothing short of briliant, intense and powerful lyrics and of course one of the most original voices to lead an emo/pop band in a long time. I'm not very firmiliar with Dying Wish Records but if they keep signing bands like this than they're on the right track.

My favorite tracks on the cd were "Advanced Letter Goodbye" and "Downtime". I would seriously recomend Bayside's "Long Stories Short" to fans of Saves the Day, Midtown and the Get Up Kids.