Various - 10 Minutes to Ogikubo Station [video] (Cover Artwork)


10 Minutes to Ogikubo Station [video] (2000)

Asian Man

"A gathering of independant music videos" is the subtitle to this collection of music videos from Asian Man Records. If I had to describe this collection in one word it would be "camcorder." Most of these videos look like they were shot using somebodys camcorder, while not necessarily a bad thing, it just lacks a lot of production that other punk video collections display (Fat, Hopeless). Part of this is I think that the bands did alot of the videos on thier own without too much help from the label. The plus side to this collection that along with the videos, thier is over 10 minutes of live footage of Skankin' Pickle, Bruce Lee Band, MU330, and Alkaline Trio. Plus Mike part in the auidence of a talk show and as an extra on "Angles in the Outfield" Heres some of my favorite videos on here, most are the ones that just got stuck in my head.

MU330 "Tune Me Out" Great video, the hilarous antics of the boys from St. Louis are deffintly worth seeing, espically Rob in a dress and Jerry's b-ball skills.

Alklaine Tiro "Goodbye Forever" Great song, the video is good too, but it seems that they have an obsesion with hand washing for most of it.

Blue Meanies "Smash the Magnavox" Great video with live footage, a creepy clown, and some great stop anamation. Probably the best video on here.

Korea Girl "Reunion" Probably the most arty of the videos on here. It is a really slow song.

Slow Gherkin "How Now Lowbrow" Great song, the video is not much more than them playing live, low production, but enertaining

Lawerence Arms "An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstances" Looks like a home movie showing them live and hanging around Chicago, thier home, and at a party.

Link 80"Verbal Kint" Basic live performance, but does a good job capturing thier energy and that of the crowd.

Slapstick "What I learned" This clip was taken from the live video. Its a live performance by one of the best ska bands, what else do you need. This is a good compilation if you like punk videos done without alot of production or if your a big asian man fan.