Jonesin' / Shang-a-Lang - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Jonesin' / Shang-a-Lang

Split [7 inch] (2008)

Dead Broke / Dirt Cult

Jonesin' represent Holbrook, NY on the A Side, a little town that's just a short drive from my house, actually. If you look at the scorecard (recorded at the Hobo House with ex-'Latter man' Phil Douglas; buds with Douglas' new band, Iron Chic; ex-members of gruff LI punks Down in the Dumps), you probably already know what this sounds like. If you don't, it's super competent, upbeat punk with whiskey-shattered vocals unfortunately low in the mix. Granted, that last detail isn't exactly a prevalent trait--more just a slightly disappointing tick to this particular recording. Nonetheless, "Birds" and "Lost" are quick, swift, solid jams. Nothing mind-shattering, mind you, but a decent holdover between whatever Kiss of Death or No Idea is releasing this month and the next.

Las Cruces, NM's Shang-a-Lang take up the back end with a couple songs laid to four-track tape. Jonesin' are a little better, but Shang-a-Lang ain't bad. They too play gravelly, happy punk, but lo-fi and maybe with a little more jangle to them and a very slight Plan-It-X vibe. The vocals are a bit more comprehensible, too, and their cover of Lou Reed's "I'm So Free" bears some of the more memorable moments of the whole 7".

Overall, I hope you've checked out the Shorebirds LP and Iron Chic demo before even thinking about acquiring this. Oh, you have? Well, all right, you could probably give this a try then.

Jonesin' - Birds

Jonesin' - Lost
Shang-a-Lang - I'm So Free [Lou Reed]