Linterno - Take the Train of Your Soul (Cover Artwork)
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Take the Train of Your Soul (2008)

Chorus of One

Bologna, Italy's Linterno may be halfway across the map from the bulk of the bands who influence them, but their late `90s Fat-meets-contemporary hardcore blend sounds right at home with acts like Belvedere, Strike Anywhere and With Honor. Well, maybe accompanied by an Italian accent and some creative English grammar.

Outside of the first 50 emo-ey seconds of "Count Tradition," there is little in way of a leisurely pace for Take the Train of Your Soul. From the whiplashing jolts of 56-second opener "No More Whispers" to the shout-along "Fly Without an Angel" to the Comeback Kid-influenced "Goals Promised," drummer Dario keeps the songs moving at breakneck speed throughout the album. While most of the songs exhibit more gang vocal participation than their standard melodic skatepunk counterparts, the standout track "Kill My Scene" packs a surprisingly catchy punk base and some of the most comprehensible lyrics on the album. On the other side of the spectrum is the aforementioned "Count Tradition," with lines that were lost somewhere in translation: "Let's go pedaling through my own town and we will see / Without any deviant glass the contradictions of our minds / That carefree from hunger are living life ignoring all / And what they do is the contrary to their worded wills." Come again? All things considered though, the song rips and carping a bunch of Italians' English seems trivial at best.

Though neither as provocative nor as original as those whose musical path they've followed, Linterno provides a fun, aggressive, competent effort in Take the Train of Your Soul.