Get Bent - Demo 2008 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Get Bent

Demo 2008 (2008)

Mandible / Dead Broke

Iron Chic might have done an admirable job of bridging the gap between the emotion of Samiam and Latterman's upbeat sing-along factor on their own demo, but Get Bent shouldn't be overlooked in all the excitement.

Get Bent operate on a largely similar bent to Iron Chic, though perhaps leaning closer to the Latterman side circa ..We Are Still Alive. Even though their demo was recorded by Phil Douglas, none of the members actually derive from that band -- instead, punk acts from the Long Island / NYC area like Potboiler and Down in the Dumps (both defunct) and Red & Blue.

The songs on Demo 2008 find a comfortable pace between medium and fast, with playful guitar licks and throaty shouts that let just about every word come through clear. The lead vocal duties are often shared and it emphasizes the camaraderic feel the band have going for them (natural considering such a specific style of melodic, sing-along punk rock).

Get Bent may be doing something entirely familiar, but it's incredibly capable, especially this early on.

Download Demo 2008 for free, courtesy of If You Make It