Fences - The Ultimate Puke EP (Cover Artwork)


The Ultimate Puke EP (2008)


When I first ran across Fences, I was totally thrown by the fact three heavily tattooed guys were making this music -- it's stereotypical, yes, but it happens. And, truthfully, it adds to the mystique of the band.

Fences debut, The Ultimate Puke EP, conjures up memories of acoustic/folk past: Elliott Smith; Mike Kinsella / Owen; David Bazan. But the Seattle (by way of Boston) trio adds their own flair. On songs like "My Girl the Horse" and "Boys Around Here," the common 'verse/chorus/verse' formula has been thrown away, heeding to a quasi-Mark Kozelek-ish drone of a constant riff with only subtle changes in vocal melodies or auxiliary percussion. Hushed vocals and careful strumming make for a very slow build of almost every song on this EP, and it works.

The Ultimate Puke EP could easily be the sleeper hit of the year, if it's accepted. I see Fences as more of a bands' band, opposed to anything the random girl next to you in lecture would be listening to. But in the same breath, I could easily see some of these songs on movie soundtracks or in the background of a few television shows. But if I had my way, I'd just like to hear them play "The Same Tattoos" in my basement while everyone sang along.