Akimbo - Jersey Shores (Cover Artwork)


Jersey Shores (2008)


There's a handful of information about Jersey Shores I will present to you beforehand: (A) It was recorded with that dude from Lords (Chris Owens) during the same sessions that Akimbo recorded Navigating the Bronze in "dirty dirty dirty" Louisville, KY. (B) The story behind Jersey Shores is about a series of shark attacks during 1916 in...New Jersey! Of all places! And the three children that pass for grown men in Akimbo took the task of making this horrific history your entertainment. (C) This six-pack release is through Neurot, instead of Alternative Tentacles. (D) This album has a distinctly different feel. Fear change.

Drowning in distortion, bitten by the sharp teeth of bass and beaten by the perpetuating drums -- Nat Damm, Jon Weisnewski and Aaron Walters are back selachimorpha style, bringing the old and the new assault to your speakers.

What is different for you old Akimbros to digest:
Jon's wailing vox and Aaron thick guitar. Navigating the Bronze saw a little of Jon trying a new vocal style. He utilizes that in this release also -- a bold move to switch up vocals after 10 years of taming the beast, only to introduce seduction in a new form. More of Aaron's influence is also heard. He has a "cleaner" playing style than Jared had and a massive guitar tone, so it changes the sound to a more "full" production.

Mondo instrumental interludes. With an average of eight minutes a song, some parts are five-to-six minutes of solid instrumental pieces with Akimbo going at it full force. I've always been a fan of their longer songs, like "Uranaburg" and "Tower of the Elephant," so this release is a treat. Some may call the slower, less rocking instrumental interludes "post-rock" inspired. I suppose I could say sure, whatever. Jersey Shores is really Akimbo letting themselves craft these more drawn-out passages, and in turn, allowing themselves to build up to intense heavy riffage and that's what really matters. See "Lester Stillwell."

What is the same:
Well, the drumming and bass correlation Akimbo takes advantage of so well is present as always. Jon and Nat. Geezer and Bill. John and John. You feel me. They've grown into an inseparable pair worthy to be ranked with the greats. The successful dynamic output of Akimbo's core is shown on this strong release. Akimbo are still the drunken kings of face melting.

What to expect (it sort of sounds like):
An epic post-rock-infused metal testament to those lives, mangled and forgotten in the shallow, cold, Jersey waters almost a century ago.

An atmospheric beginning and ending with melodic chaos in the middle, violating your ear hole with positive results.

Good jams. Check it out. CD is out now. Vinyl soon to come.

As a side note:
If you catch them live, which is well worth your money, please bring your beer hat. Akimbo would much rather have beer in the audience than you, so if you come with beer, they may let you in. And don't forget ear plugs, for the sophisticated metalhead. 28" bass drums aren't for technicalities -- they're for loudness.