Loser Life - Life Number Two [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Loser Life

Life Number Two [7 inch] (2008)

Rock Bottom

Loser Life has released yet another 7". Although these songs do not stray too much from their Articles of Faith-inspired hardcore punk, the three songs on Life Number Two are a progression from their past few releases.

These three songs may quite possibly be their fastest and most abrasive songs to date. The vocals are shouted with a sense of urgency that is rarely found in past Loser Life records. For the first time, the bass seems to be put at more of the forefront of a couple of parts, which is warranted. Lyrically, it is more of the same: kind of depressing but never cliché or sappy. Two of the songs on this record, "Mocking You" and "Life Number Two," are pretty formulaic.

They start out as chaotic and sounding as pissed as any obscure `80s hardcore record you care to name, but then end with an instrumental outro that sounds like it is straight from the Revolution Summer. Though this is an effective song structure, these songs lacked something that Loser Life's 12" EP, My Hell, had. The main problem with this record is the mix. During the faster parts the bass drum is hard to distinguish and the snare and the toms sound just about the same. At times it is hard to tell the difference between the two different guitar tones.

My Hell would probably be a better starting point for anyone interesting in checking Loser Life out (which can be downloaded, along with most of the bands discography, at Loser Life's website), but Life Number Two is a solid 7" to hold over until their next release.