Iron Chic - Demo (Cover Artwork)

Iron Chic

Demo (2008)


Alright, first things first. Latterman fucking ruled. No one could craft punk-along anthems like they could. However, they are gone. Now we see that a couple members have moved on to form Iron Chic (along with members of Small Arms Dealer and the former bassist of Agent). Their first release is a five-song free demo.

Right off the bat, Iron Chic have some big shoes to fill if they want to shake listeners' minds off of Latterman's epic swan song We Are Still Alive. The demo kicks off with the one-two punch of "Cry-Baby" and "In One Ear," both of which have obvious similarities to Latterman in their uplifting, gritty sing-along nature. The vocals are where Iron Chic separate a bit from their members' past/other groups. Lubrano of Small Arms Dealer has a bit of a cleaner, less gruff delivery than may be expected from this style of music. It complements the songs nicely, though.

Of note on this demo is a bit of a `90s emo influence (i.e. Braid, Texas Is the Reason) which is seen most in "Sensitive Dependence." Though the vocals are a bit whiny at times, the less driving pace suits them well and provides a nice change-up.

All in all. this demo is definitely worth checking out. It's worth the hard drive space the ZIP file takes up even. if it's just to hold onto the memory of Latterman. From the looks of this demo, though, Iron Chic has a good future of their own.