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Trash Talk

Trash Talk (2008)

Trash Talk Collective

It might take you a longer time to read this review than listen to the actual album, so I apologize ahead of time for wasting your time.

Trash Talk plays an infamous subgenre of hardcore aptly named "powerviolence" (I'm not even going to start with how stupid I think that genre name is; I might not stop), but it is evident in the chorus of "Dig" that the band is more than willing to throw back to mid-`80s hardcore; "Well of Soul"'s bridge even channels the nihilistic mentality of Negative Approach with "Shoot me, suck me, stab me, fuck me, kneel before me. I have swallowed God. I am alone." The dark lyrics are shouted in call-and-response form by the band's two vocalists and coincide quite nicely with the ominous atmosphere that engulfs the album.

Each of the 12 tracks proves to be an admirable test of dexterity and endurance. It is in this which Trash Talk proves expertise; despite the genre's tedious abuse of speed extremes, the band manages to vary their tempos and lace it together with unpredictability. "I Block," to name one, explodes into an amalgam of blast beats, D-beats and tom triplets after a slow, brooding, distorted bass-line -- all of which are accomplished in under 20 seconds. Most of the frills are tucked behind the intensity of a raw recording and can get a little old with how similar things start sounding.

Overall, it's nothing groundbreaking, earth shattering or any other word that's breaking some form of mineral. If you're a fan of the genre, check this out as they are truly one of the best doing it now. If you hate the genre, you won't like it -- simple as that!