Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music - Split (Cover Artwork)

Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music

Split (2002)

Jade Tree

Well, first off I would like to thank the people of Jade Tree mail order. I pre-ordered this cd the Wednesday before they shipped and paid for the cheapest shipping method, so I was expecting to get this cd in two weeks or more. Yet what did I see in my mailbox the next Monday, but the album, four days after it had shipped, and still a week before it was to be released. So kudos to Jade Tree mailing. Now on to the music, which is what you are all reading this anyway?

Both bands have written some awesome songs for this split. They really have outdone themselves this time. I think one of the best things about the new songs, is that both bands sound like they have gone back to their older material when writing the lyrics. The first track "Queen of Pain" is a darker sounding song which reminds me of "Private Eye." It has the same sound and style to it. Their next song "While You're Waiting" has "Infirmary" sound to it, but the song writing and lyrics remind me more of their older stuff. Especially stuff of their self-titled cd. If this stuff is a preview of the next Alk3 album, I can't wait. Hot Water Music has also contributed some amazing songs as well. Both songs sound like a mix between the songs on "Fight and Crash" and "No Division." They have an older feel to them, but at the same time there are bit of their newer sounds coming through. "God Deciding" has very ND feel to it, with layered, passionate vocals at the end. "Russian Roulette" has more of a FAC sound to it. It starts off with choppy acoustic and yelling vocals, and begins to build into an electric rockin song.

One of the best parts of these split EPs, is that each band do covers of each others songs. Alkaline Trio does "Rooftops" probably one of the best HWM songs. They give it a poppier feel to it, while losing none of the feeling of the song. HWM contributes both "Radio" and "Bleeder" for this release. "Radio" sounds a lot like the original, except for the multiple vocals at the end. Other than that, it's a straight forward version of the song. My personal favorite track on this is the "Bleeder" cover. HWM does this acoustic with a cello. The way that it is played and sung adds so much meaning and feeling to this song, it's unbelievable. It's just a beautiful track, that's really all I can say about it.

Overall if you're a fan of either band or both, you need to get this. Especially if you are an older fan and have felt disappointed by the last Alk3 release, this will reassure you that they are still a great band. This release really makes me love HWM even more, and want to get some more of their old stuff. My only real complaint with this release is that Alk3 only did 1 cover.