Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (Cover Artwork)

Dead Kennedys

Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (1980)

Alternative Tentacles

Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables is a top quality two thumbs up type album. I think this has to be Dead Kennedys best album by far. Most, if not all of the Dead Kennedy fans I know, they have to agree that this is their best work. The way Jello Biafra makes his lyrics so unique. How he can mix a serious issue to comdey and how he can sing these songs he amazingly writes. East Bay Ray's trebelled out guitar. Two of Dead Kennedys BEST are on this album, California Uber Alles and Holiday In Cambodia. And a personal one i like is I Kill Children. This c.d. also includes topics and issues other people can relate to. This is one of those c.d.s that are amazingly sang and written. It only happens every once in a while with certain bands, and dead kennedys hit the spot with this one. Ranked up with only a few bands that are just as good. Such as The Clash and their self titled. Two amazing peices of work are the clash self tiled and this one by dead kennedys. Only certian bands could pull a c.d. as good as this off, and Dead Kennedys did.

As I said earlier, this c.d. has songs and lyrics many different people can relate to and enjoy. Whether it's religious, age, family, friends, life, landlards, the way your life is being lives, money issues, family issues, work issues ect. You can only expect so much out of a band with one c.d. and Jello packed it all in this one and made just about perfect. lacking in not much at all.

We all know that some bands points of views and perspectives upon their own band and songs wouldn't be about today without some of the classic songs on this album. A lot of bands ow Dead Kennedys credit. They or you might not even realize it, but without some of dead kennedys song, some bands might now be around today, and if they were they might have a different look on the world / songs.

I think Jellos childhood inspired this album and his lyrics in a lot of ways. In ways of discrimination, hardlife ect. I think that he wrote this amazingly. Certain people can relate to this album more than others. In more ways than others aswell.

Jello's intelligence and points of views / opinions amaze me. I enjoy listen to what he has to say and taking it into my prespective. I hope you could do and understand the same one time. That's probably why i enjoy his spoken word. And if you have never listened to that. I suggest you do aswell.

People say Give me Convienience or Give Me Death is the best Dead Kennedys CD. I beg to differ. But at that, that's still one fucking awesome c.d. I think that if you never heard anything by Dead Kennedys or want to get into them, start off with this one. I mean.. this is the c.d. that started it all for them.

Overall the lyrics, vocals, and just about everything on this c.d. is amazing. If you don't have it i suggest you get it. One of the best punk records ever.