Career Suicide - Anthology of Releases: 2001-2003 (Cover Artwork)

Career Suicide

Anthology of Releases: 2001-2003 (2006)


I don't even know where to start here other than to say that Career Suicide is the clear-cut definition of hardcore punk. They've put out countless snarling, in-your-face EPs since 2001, but their anthologies really sum up what they've accomplished so far. Not only are their songs furious and feature blistering solos in almost every one, they have, bar-none, one of the best vocalists I think I've ever heard in a punk band.

On a side note: Let me start by saying that frontman Martin Farkas is a lunatic. I don't think I've seen anyone match his intensity at a live show (sorry, Dan Yemin) before and this makes for one of the most frantic compilations I've ever had the privilege of buying.

I have to say, these guys are my favorite hardcore band, ever. This anthology of releases showing off their 2001-2003 song list is nothing short of amazing. With songs like "Part and Parcel" that begin with feedback and then rage into a dark bassline followed by loud and obnoxious drums, you really can't go wrong here.

Songs like "Fall-Out" make me wince they're so good, especially in the beginning with nothing but Farkas screaming his head off. I constantly find myself listening to this album and I really believe that Career Suicide can do no wrong. I absolutely love stuff like "Bend at the Crease" that goes from slow to insanely fast in a split second. I think "Day by Day" is also worth a mention, since it's a 45-second epic that will make any drummer question his abilities.

I'd go more into songs here but I really can't say much more. Every song on this album is top-notch. The vocals are just plain vicious and I really wonder how this guy keeps singing live without pulling a Schwarzenbach. Also, it's worthy to note that Jonah Falco is one of the greatest guitarists in the hardcore punk scene today. Never have I heard such amazingly fast guitar work and solos in songs like "While You're Ahead" and on their 2007 release Attempted Suicide.

So, if you're tired of (Insert melodic punk band) or (Insert any other appropriate comparison), you haven't heard hardcore until you've heard Career Suicide. Do yourself a favor and buy all that you can by these guys; they're the best thing on Deranged and Sewercide.