Last Chance - Just the Beginning EP (Cover Artwork)

Last Chance

Just the Beginning EP (2000)


The 1st real release of the band that is definitely going somewhere! 5 kick ass punk songs!

1: 'Big C Braddock' this song is amazing! It starts off all hardcore and rips into skate punk that will blaze right past your head! At the end their is a bass solo that will challenge Rancid's bass player's ass RIGHT OFF THE STAGE!

2: 'Stuck On a Spoke' this is a slower, ska song that I like a lot. It has many hardcore elements which can be heard throughout the song. Awesome guitar melody stands this song out from all the rest.

3: 'Clock of Crime' this is just plain skate punk for your ass. This is a hard-hitting, fast-paced, fist-fighting, pit-stomping piece of art. You WILL like this song, (kinda like Catch 22/Link 80)

4: 'This is a Tribute' this is a pop (punk) song tribute to one of their friends who died of cancer while at school, he was as well a musician. This song is really good, with awesome guitar parts that rival that of any poppunkemo band.

5: 'Larger Than Life' YES! a backstreet boys cover song by a punk band! AND ITS ACTUALLY PUNK! I think the EP was well worth my $3 just for this song!

(Thanks to Allan from the band, I have the correct artwork up - Aubin)