Total Chaos - In God We Kill (Cover Artwork)

Total Chaos

In God We Kill (1999)


Jo Bob Jo

I'm not sure what it is about Total Chaos, but whenever they put something new out, I always rush out and pick it up right away. Well, maybe not right away, but I still consider myself a fan of the band.

This CD is an odd one. It seems as if Total Chaos have had an identity crisis here. The band started out sounding like Discharge meets the Exploited. Then, they kind of started doing street punk stuff. Both of those styles are abundant here, but there are also some suprising tracks like "Colonial Rock" which is just a barroom scene with some melodic music and piano in the background. Come to think of it, a lot of tracks here are very melodic and have piano. They even use vocal harmonies, which is something that works very well, but seems out of place on a Total Chaos CD.

The track which I do believe is the single off of this is track 13, "Electric Lady". This is the worst song Total Chaos has ever done, and might be one of the worst songs of all time. Ever. Its like...rap/metal. I hate it with a passion. But this CD has some awesome songs too. "Running With The Youth", "Time To Go", "Let it Roll", and the cover of The Exploited's "I Believe In Anarchy" are all very terrific. I bought this CD for 2.99 and was very satisfyed. I suggest you check it out if you can find it for cheap.