Gang Green - Preschool (Cover Artwork)

Gang Green

Preschool (1997)


It always amazes me that when people talk about hardcore, they've never heard Gang Green before. To me, this band, and more specifically the material on this album (recorded from 1981-1984) is pretty much the pinnacle of hardcore. It's loud, it's fast and it sounds somehow reckless and violent.

This band equals Bad Brains for raw energy in some songs. In fact, I think they might even surpass them. The recording quality is incredibly low, the instrumentation is very basic and some of the vocals are nearly inaudible...yet, this, to me, is definitive hardcore. It's young, angry kids making the loudest, fastest music ever put on record. This band was a big inspiration for me and for a lot of my friends, as well.

The songs "Rabies" and "Kill a Commie" are the best on the album in my opinion. The album is very short (10 tracks totaling 14 minutes), extremely raw and undoubtedly hardcore.