Nightmare of You / Person L - live in Farmingdale (Cover Artwork)
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Nightmare of You / Person L

live in Farmingdale (2008)

live show

You can tell by the lineup that this was one of those diverse bills that are rarely met with appreciation and anticipation. Not to be a cynic, but I sorely doubt anyone besides me at the Crazy Donkey that night was anticipating the three main openers instead of headliners Envy on the Coast.

The Urgency came up first, playing really bland hair-in-the-face rock. Nothing much more I can say, except that they probably didn''t deserve a full half-hour.

Crime in Stereo came next and was one of the main draws for me (and basically the only draw for my accompanying friends). None of us were expecting much out of the crowd, but there were a few finger-pointing and shouting along in between throngs of confused kids. It reminded me of when I saw Lifetime play at Bamboozle in 2006, with lots of really stoked hardcore kids moving around behind eight rows of kids camped out for Taking Back Sunday.

Back at the show, I think I may have been the oldest person on the floor at this point. And I''m not that old. But as my sister recounts, a few people standing near her were sincerely convinced CIS''s second or third song was an Underoath cover. Including some out-of-place crowd surfing, that about sums up the crowd, though epic closer "I, Stateside" (which I was pleasantly surprised to see them squeeze in) got a few people moving around -- likely the A Day to Remember and Four Year Strong fans in attendance here a few months ago for New Found Glory. Anyway, the band played always-improving versions of those Is Dead tracks and usual bang-up jobs on the best off The Troubled Stateside. I was hoping for one or two off Selective Wreckage, but alas. Their sound was also quite all right this time, as their NFG slot found them marred by problems, like guitars coming through the speakers crackly and shattered.

Set list (7:17-7:43):

  1. Bicycles for Afghanistan
  2. XXXX (The First Thousand Years of Solitude)
  3. Third Atlantic
  4. ...But You Are Vast
  5. Gravity/Grace
  6. Small Skeletal
  7. I, Stateside
Some of the crowd dispersed after CIS, with EOTC fans filling in the blanks. But Person L provided reason to stay, with Kenneth Vasoli''s eclectic jams and dual percussionists giving an entertaining half-hour. The set was split between songs off last year''s Initial and stuff that hasn''t been properly recorded and released yet, which seems to further hint that Person L could have a quick followup for 2009. That "Goodness Gracious" jawn has that bizarre, bouncing rock 'n' roll swagger that makes it a bit hokey, but still pretty fun, while the untitled closer rode a solid bass groove and Neil Young-ish riff. A lot of kids seemed put off by Vasoli''s occasionally cackling voice as he''d recklessly scream into the mic for the louder numbers, but I thought it was good for the dynamics. Good set.

Set list (8:00-8:34):
  1. new song
  2. Goodness Gracious
  3. Wooden Soldiers
  4. Storms
  5. Canyonlands
  6. untitled new song
My interest in Nightmare of You has waned considerably over the last three to four years, but I''ll admit there''s still a little love there. This particular set, while hardly mind-blowing, did remind me why I liked them in the first place. Most of the songs came from their self-titled 2005 full-length, while Brandon Reilly gave a typically staid stage presence, barely moving from his spot until the end when he started slamming his guitar to the stage and amp in awkward frustration or showmanship; still, it''s nice to see how much more confident he''s gotten since those early, shaky days. The rest of the members got into a nice groove and they barely missed a note. Hopefully their next full-length rejeuvenates general interest in them and not just mine, as they've really seemed to lose much of the hype of years' past.

Set list (8:51-9:30):
  1. In the Bathroom Is Where I Want You
  2. My Name Is Trouble
  3. Heaven Runs on Oil
  4. Why Am I Always Right?
  5. I Want to Be Bured in Your Backyard
  6. Thumbelina
  7. Amsterdam
  8. You''re Very Dear to Me
Oh, and needless to say, I didn't stay for Envy on the Coast... Sorry, guys.