Joey Terrifying - The First Demo (Cover Artwork)

Joey Terrifying

The First Demo (2008)


There is a general feeling within certain quarters of the Scottish DIY community that the ‘scene' is fairly desolate at present; it is sparse, filled with apathy and gradually fizzing dry of energy. It is bizarre and ironic then that such depressing times have produced one of the most exciting bands in recent memory -- Joey Terrifying. The band are essentially an amalgamation of the four members' previous projects, which span over a decade, with Joey Terrifying embodying a distilled version of all the finest elements of these projects combined into one.

The First Demo contains only three songs, filled with energy, anger, disillusionment and alienation which is expressed passionately and articulately via the band's poignant lyricism: "Feeling a little bit like Holden Caulfield / Transcending emotional minefields / If you're taking a trip that leads nowhere / How're you going to know when you've got there?"

In musical terms the band are not out of place in the category of third wave ska (or fourth wave, if like Tomas Kalnoky you believe it exists), mixing elements of punk rock and hardcore with ska to explosive effect. The quality of the musicianship is at times astounding, the bass played with almost unbelievably ferocious speed, intricacy and power accompanied by solid, rapid and creative drumming. The guitarist also showcases some insane ability -- not to be outdone by the mind-blowing rhythm section -- with both flawless rhythm and lead playing; the solo on "Troubled Times" is case in point here, as is the chilled out El Hefe-sounding lick on the ode to marijuana, "A Girl Called Mary."

It would be easy to compare Joey Terrifying to bands like Capdown or maybe Citizen Fish, but ultimately the band are not overtly derivative. They are doing something that has been done before but not often has it been done this well -- and that's why they stand out like a sore thumb. So do yourself a favour and check them out, and at the same time you'll be supporting a DIY community that's on its hands and knees begging for an injection of adrenaline; the band are doing their bit -- now you do yours.

The First Demo