I Rise - For Redemption (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

I Rise

For Redemption (2008)


The thing about For Redemption that's so refreshing is that it's crushingly heavy without having a trace of metal. There's a fair share of metallic hardcore that's done quite well, but there's also a cesspool of wasteful shit. It seems like I Rise are talented enough to avoid the possibility altogether.

With the opening track on their first full-length, that's just the sense you get. "The Wolf" is an absolutely raging, twisting and roaring opener that shows 108 continue to play a steadfast influence on I Rise's sound and it sets the pace for For Redemption. It also segues wonderfully into the bout of frustration that's "Status Call."

There's a general sense of outrage here that's rarely met by other bands. It'd be easy to draw a comparison to Verse's Aggression in that sense (see "Long Road to Redemption"), but I Rise usually seem less held back and carrying a heavier, slightly more chaotic and certainly more full sound.

A sure standout comes in "Pistol Pete," where guitar chords seem struck to searing proportions and there's a rare bounce about things. Later, some more vocal versatile work and a fierce, stripped-down drum/shout combo part gets you to perk up to "Self Solitude," which transitions to an absolutely obliterating close. The cameo from Bane's Aaron Bedard in "See No Evil" is a pleasant surprise as well.

Really, really solid debut, as was to be expected.

Status Call
Pistol Pete
Self Solitude
See No Evil