The Bananas - New Animals (Cover Artwork)

The Bananas

New Animals (2008)


On their fourth album, the Bananas haven't really changed much. They are still playing fast, lo-fi pop punk. Yet, New Animals is refreshing in the sense that it's incredibly energetic and gives off the feeling that the three band members are having almost too much fun playing these songs. This also happens to be the best album these guys have released so far.

The album opens up with "Gentrification for Dummies," and it definitely sets the mood for the rest of the album. The song is very fun (well, as fun as gentrification can be) and probably one of the best songs on the album. The next track, "New Animals" is definitely one of the more hyper as well as the catchiest of the 14 songs. Some songs such as "Time Bandits" and "Things Will Get Worse" read like a song Off with Their Heads might write, but the delivery is a little faster and delivered without the lament or deprecation that might drag this particular album down.

The album keeps up with its lo-fi fury, blasting through highlights such as "Tomorrow," "Jus' Folks" and the almost addictive "Radioaction." The album keeps the pace, only slowing down for the eclectic "National Anthem," the album's longest song, then wraps things up with "Roly Poly." This song ends the album perfectly as it brings the energy back up with ease and ends in bittersweet manner.

Unfortunately, this album went pretty unnoticed and underappreciated during 2008. Hopefully, you all can make up for that in 2009. So in between listening to your copies of Ghosts and Scrambles, give this album a listen. I'm sure it would fit nicely in between the two.