Sick of it All - Blood, Sweat, and No Tears (Cover Artwork)

Sick of it All

Blood, Sweat, and No Tears (1989)

In Effect

I consider myself to be a huge fan of Sick of it All, so when I was given the opportunity to buy a CD for Valentine's Day by my significant other, I opted for this one. (Hey, it says "blood" in the title, and blood flows throught the heart, right? It's a perfect Valentine's Day gift!).

I was immediately blown away (no that's not a reference to their latest album "Yours Truly.") by their thick metal sound here. This is Sick of it All at their most gritty. They weren't the best musicians back then, their intensity was much more combustible, something that isn't so apparent nowadays.

Without going through a laundry list of songs, let me just say that the classic Alleyway Crew and NYHC sound shines through on each track. My favorites include Bullshit Justice and Injustice System.

Pick it up if you can find it, odds are you won't be disappointed. How could you go wrong with an album that has a song entitled, "Clobberin' Time/Pay the Price"?