Sleepies - Join the Shark (Cover Artwork)
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Join the Shark (2008)

Doom Song

Sleepies' debut EP, Join the Shark, is a 16-minute release of nice little lo-fi pop-punk ditties. There's not much more to it.

The recording seems sorta cruddy on first listen, but the melodies and snot come through after a little while. It's actually a nice touch for the band, who seem to prefer a bit of light distortion sprinkled on everything and a noisy, broken-amp flair about things -- think the production on No Age's Nouns. That's a good parallel.

This is more of the rushed, holy-hell-what-are-we-doing pop-punk variety, mind you, but it isn't entirely sloppy. Something like "Monster in a Box" clunks along at a spastic tempo, while "You're Still an Owl" operates impressive changes of pace through its bashed, hollered two-minute course.

Definitely some promising stuff.

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