Paper Dragons - Die to Please (Cover Artwork)

Paper Dragons

Die to Please (2009)


This Baltimore band features former and current members from both Pulling Teeth and Dead Mechanical. Now, those two bands are hardly relatable, yet Paper Dragons can be compared to either of them. They are most likely more comparable to the latter, however. They do have the snotty vocals and influence of `80s hardcore but, they lack the thrashy guitars the former has. Paper Dragons have a more refined sound with cleaner guitars. With Die to Please, Paper Dragons offer up ten Adolescents and Wipers-influenced songs.

On the album, they write straightforward punk songs in the vein of the Descendents and shorter, more energetic songs in the vein of the Circle Jerks. It's obvious the band members have quite an affinity for this era of punk with lyrics like: "I can recall a time when things weren't quite so fucked / when we would see each other out and it didn't matter much / before that new crowd came around with their money and their drugs / when music was all that mattered and bonds were built on trust." The style of the music displays a fun but consistent candor present in such present-day acts as High Tension Wires and the Methadones. The album is rather short, clocking in at under 19 minutes, but it goes by even faster than that. Highlights include "Brain Drain," "Beginning of the End," "Pictures of Drummers" and "Hold My Breath."

Unfortunately, the band broke up before the release of this album, making it highly susceptible to slipping through the cracks. So, since it's available for a free download (with optional donation, of course) why not at least give it a try? The multiple influences make this release particularly easy to get into. Also, if you do enjoy it, note that a donation will help see this album actually physically pressed.


Die to Please