NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (Cover Artwork)


White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (1992)


Some things in life no one will ever understand... LIKE WHY NO ONE EVER WROTE A REVIEW AT THIS SITE ON THIS CLASSIC ALBUM ... Totally unbelievable... NOFX' best album ever is totally ignored by the community? How can this be, is this real, why? I'll try to explain why I'm so shocked, confused, devastated, traumatized and upset about this.

So say hello to the next thing you're going to spend your money on: the "White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean LP" by NOFX, that's if you don't already own this masterpiece...

This probably is NOFX' darkest album, the sound is pretty hardcore and not too produced, still very melodic and funny, even though some of the lyrics are more based on personal experiences than on any other album of them... Still there's the right balance between funny songs and the more serious ones, which was there on "Punk in Drublic" too and wasn't there on "Pump Up The Valuum".

In my opinion, this album contains some of the best songs they ever wrote, classics like "Bob", "Liza and Louise", "Stickin' In My Eye" and "Please Play This Song On The Radio". All the songs on the album are a personal favorite of mine, exept for "I Wanna Be Your Baby", which I can't stand for some reason... Too slow I think...

This is probably the most diverse NOFX album you can buy. The first two songs: "Soul Doubt" and "Stickin' in My Eye" are fast, melodic songs with great lyrics. What is also noticed from the start of the cd is El Hefe's addition in the sound of NOFX, the man is a great on lead guitar. Bob is one of those songs that stands totally out of the rest with some of the best sing-a-long lyrics ever written, a classic punkrock song with some awesome ska interludes in it and El Hefe playing the trumpet.
Then the more serious "You're Bleeding" followed by "Straight Edge" an awesome Minor Threat cover with Hefe on vocals and could be played in a sleezy nightclub somewhere, which blasts into another NOFX classic: "Liza and Louise", with the legendary lyrics:

"Now with her legs spread wider
She needed to have Louise inside her
She said, "I'll never forget the first time you kissed me,
Now I want you to fist me."

Then Fat Mike's unpolished, snotty vocals will tell you his vision on society with lyrics that are very good in "The Bag".

Up next is "Please Play This Song On The Radio", an hilarious, sarcastical parody on the overproduced music played on the radio. Followed by "Warm" again containing well thought out lyrics and "I Wanna Be Your Baby" on which I've commented already. Then Johnny Appleseed is again funny as hell with for the second time Hefe on vocals telling you the story of Johnny Appelseed who plants a seed in every town he visits, which is actually about Erik Melvin, what you already knew ofcourse.
Then the pretty emotional "She's Gone" starts out for the last dosage of NOFX' familiar punkrock. And then the ending, what can I say? I told you the songs with Hefe on vocals sounded totally different from the rest? Well check this one out, "Buggley Eyes". Just awesome!

And then there's the end of a masterpiece, but no need to cry, push play again, and again, and again, and ag.... This is one of those records I (and probably you too) will never get tired of, it's in my collection for years now and I still play it very often...

The only conclusion I can think of after listening to this record over and over again and all the other NOFX releases, is that this is definitely their best. It rocks hard and probably won't let you down...

If you've read this review and still think this album won't fit your taste, that's because of my fucked up writing skills, but hey, you guys forced me... Why didn't someone write a review on a masterpiece like this, and why did you all make a fuck-up like me write this stupid review?? Damn...

And about spelling mistakes and such, I'm from the netherlands, I talk Dutch so I DO NOT CARE...