Stalemate - Stalemate (Cover Artwork)


Stalemate (2001)


There was a time when any hardcore punk band worth their salt made sure to include a tour-date in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The area has long boasted a punk rock scene twice as large and involved as cities four times the population, tracing its lineage back to punks inspired by the NYHC Revival of the late 80's. Keeping that scene alive are Stalemate. The six songs of Stalemate's self-titled debut manage to walk the fine line between paying tribute to that rich heritage while looking to the future.

While Stalemate is fronted by Steve Gulbin, formerly of Option, one of the best-loved area hardcore bands of the 90's, Stalemate is far from merely "Steve Option's new band". The pummeling guitars of Eric Robinson and Nate Bevan, the lumbering basslines of R.J. MacLean and over the top drumming of Hans Nothen, local hardcore illuminatti all, combine with introspective and emotional songwriting. Sporting a heavy sound akin to bands like Boy Sets Fire and Drowningman, Stalemate find themselves well-equipped to bring the legions of youth poisoned by nu metal into the hardcore community while impassioning those who have been there all along. This is what the future of hardcore sounds like.

Stalemate has been confirmed for the perseverance tour with Hatebreed and Converge.March 29th to May5th. US/Canada