Now, Now Every Children - Cars (Cover Artwork)
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Now, Now Every Children

Cars (2009)


Now, Now Every Children take a considerable step forward with their debut full-length, Cars.

Cars is the sort of aching, youthful indie pop that strikes an incredible balance between mourning the loss of innocence and overdramatizing situations. There's an undeniable Eisley influence at play here, but it's a fondness that's more cute than rehashing.

A main criticism that could've been had with the band's earlier material was its timid tendency in regards to pushing the changes in volume more. On Cars, it's definitely improved in spots and absent in others. But when N,NEC lack dynamics they make up for it in contrast. Jagged guitars rumble along the surface of opener "Not One, But Two," an improved take on the same song that appeared on the EP of the same name, while Cacie Dalager's smooth but emotionally fractured voice cautiously coos above it all. It's still the best song they've written, but it's not the only enjoyable moment the album has.

Their improved songwriting shows its chops on other songs like the minimal "Friends with My Sister" and the more anxious "Sleep Through Summer," where one can feel their gut turning with the tension rising so steadily. The slightly more upbeat "In My Chest" is a perfectly repetitive and gyrating mid-place piece.

With their setup usually consisting of just keyboards and drums and an occasional guitar, Now, Now Every Children have mastered what little they're wielding for a lush and introspective sound. Though the theme implied by Cars' title doesn't quite come into play until the second half, it's still a cohesive and impressive debut.

Not One, But Two
Sleep Through Summer
In My Chest