Like Wolves - Like Wolves [7 inch] / New Demo (Cover Artwork)
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Like Wolves

Like Wolves [7 inch] / New Demo (2008/2009?)


Here's both of Like Wolves' releases in one convenient review: their 2008 demo 7" (recorded December 2007) and their newer, black three-song demo CD-R (recorded...uh...I don't know...probably this past January or late last year).

Like Wolves kick off the A side of the 7" with a disarming piano intro before tearing into a ripping, rolling hardcore song somewhat reminiscent of Suicide File. It's pretty sweet, with Ben Kruger's strained, scratchy scream cutting above the madness and some dynamics courtesy of a cleaner but no less strained set of backup vocals from guitarist Adamo Maida. It's about the same for "Ditch Digging in the Desert." The other side has "Generation Killer," which is more blurry and choking, sort of like an elder Cursed track. "Red at Night" gets slightly back to the style of the other side, and either way is the best song on the 7", with a driving riff poking its head through.

Their newer demo seems to be more of a blueprint for things to come. Things are more unbridled and looser, as well as a tad bit slower. It's harder to categorize these three, but the guitars come off a little noisier and there's this creepily bulky yet hollow feel about the recording. Again, the closer is the best, as "Saturate" has mufflled wails of guitar and Kruger's voice gets sharply off-key at one point, making things sound as honest as possible.

Generation Killer (7")
Red at Night (7")
Live Wires (New Demo)